Team Gangmyllan participated first in the champions league in 2013. Team leader is Bergur Jónsson and other team members are Daníel Jónsson, Elin Holst, Sigurður Sigurðarson and Ævar Örn Guðjónsson.

Bergur Jónsson has been riding horses since he was a child. He's raised at the breeding fram Ketilsstaðir in the east of Iceland. Bergur has been really active both on the competition and breeding track. This last year he and Katla frá Ketilsstöðum, mare from his breeding had a really successful year where they where in A finals in tölt both at Íslandsmót and Landsmót and in finals at Landsmót in B class gæðingar.

Elin Holst comes from Norway but she has been working at Gangmyllan these last 7 years. Elin has had great results on the competition track but she and her horse Frami frá Ketilsstöðum did a fantastic job last year when they won the four gait and tölt T2 at the Icelandic championship and also ended in fourth place at Landsmóti in B flokkur and 10th place in tölt.

Olil Amble has had a long and successful career and has participated in many WC and NC including winning multiple Icelandic championship titles for example when she won four gait riding Suðri frá Holtsmúla.

Sigurður Sigurðarson trains horses at Þjóðólfshagi. He was the first one to win the individual competition in 2001 and won it again in 2011. He has been in the national team many times, he has won multiple icelandic championships title, world championship title and once hold the world record in 100m. Pace. He won the b class at Landsmót 2011, riding Kjarnorka frá Kálfholti, the a class at Landsmót 2012, riding Fróði frá Staðartungu and the b class at Landsmót 2014, riding Loki frá Selfossi but he is the only rider that has won all the tests at Landsmót that are performed on the oval track (b class, a class and tölt). Sigurður was elected the gæðinga rider of the year in 2012.

Ævar Örn Guðjónsson graduated as a riding instructor and trainer from Hólaskóli. He has been training horses in Sprettur in Kópavogur these last years. Before Ævar was in team Heimahagi but has now switched over to team Gangmyllan. Ævar has been doing good things on the breeding- and competition track


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