"I trust that Geiri has something in his toy box"

“I look forward to the leauge and I think this is going to be fun”, says Jóhann Rúnar Skúlason but he’s in team Top Reiter / Sólning. “I have had a contract with Top Reiter since 1997. When Guðmundur and Eva quit the team, Geiri, owner of Top Reiter, contacted me and asked me to join. Of course I said yes. Geiri must have some horses for me in his toy box,” says Jóhann but he and Matthías Leó Matthíasson joined the league in the beginning of this year.

Jóhann works in Denmark at the breeding farm Slippen. Jóhann doesn't need no introduction but no one has ever won the tölt horn on World Championships as often as he has. “We haven’t decided when I will compete in the league. There are lot of stuff going on here in Denmark and there is a tight schedule next months. But of course I want to go to Iceland and participate in some competitions,” says Jóhann but he will not participate in the first two competition, four gait and T2. “I will not make it to Iceland for the first two competition. I will be teaching when the four gait is and also I will be competing in an ice tölt competition the 30th of January. When the T2 is I will be competing at the WorldToelt. But my team members are awesome so they won’t be needing me”, says Jóhann and laughs. At the WorldToelt Jóhann will bring a group of horses including Hnokki frá Fellskoti, Glóðafeykir frá Halakoti, Garri frá Reykjavík and Garpur fra Højgaarden. Jóhann will also have a breeding farm show at the WorldToelt but Slippen was elected the breeding farm of the year in Denmark last year. “Like I said we haven’t made any decision regarding the Champions league so we will have to wait and see. I trust that Geiri has some good horses for me even though I wish I could bring my own horses from home and compete on them,” says Jóhann.

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