Aim for victory

Lífland participated for the first time in the league last year and won the team cup. Team members are well known and experienced riders. The team has one new member this year, Hanna Rún Ingibergsdóttir, this is not her first time in the league but she was in team Hrímnir/Export hestar few years back. Another team members are Guðmundur F. Björgvinsson (team leader), Davíð Jónsson, Sigursteinn Sumarliðason and Jakob S. Sigurðsson. 

Guðmundur has a good feeling for the season ahead but the team is well prepared and they have a lot of new horses for the season. "We had one goal last year and that was to win the team cup. This year is no different we aim for victory," says Guðmundur but he thinks that the riders are the main strength of the team. 

The team got the most points of all teams in tölt last year. "We will ride new horses this year, at least some of us. Jakob will probably ride Júlía frá Hamarsey but they one last year. I haven't deciede which horse I'm going to ride but I have at least two - three horses that I could use," says Guðmundur. There weakest tests last year where four gait and T2 but this year they believed they are going to collect more points. "We will definitley do a better job in four gait og I also think T2. Hanna Rún has really good T2 horses, Jakob has Júlía and me and Sigursteinn both have better horses than we did last year.," adds Guðmundur. 

This is going to be an exciting season. Don't miss out and watch it live and on demand at ! The first test will be on the 31st of January. 


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